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Federation of Master Tailors established in Brussel
Organized its executive committee in Belgium
It had be well know since 1908 is it created WFMT (World Federation of Master Tailors) in 1910. From August 6 to 10 in 1910, the first congress was established. Over 250 tailors from 15 different countries participated. Jaques Frickx, the founder, was elected chairman of the committee. At the meeting, it was also agreed that the world congress would be held every two years. 250 master tailors from 15 nations participated in the first congress. It was agreed that the second congress would be held in Munich, Germany in 1912, but it was postponed due organized its to long labour dispute in Germany and the first world war.
Later, it was agreed that the congress would be held in the Netherlands in 1933 in commemoration of is 25th anniversary. However, due to the world economic recession, only four national federations expressed to participate in the congress, and thus, it was agreed that the international executive committee office would be maintained in Brussels
In Paris congress held in 1937, some 100 master tailors from 11 nations participated, at the meeting, the formal name of international executive committee was agreed finally
The third WFMT congress was held in Zurich
Almost a decade later, the fourth congress was held in London in 1950. Since then, the WFMT congress has been held regularly every two years, while 26 national federations have dispatched their delegations to the congress
Frank Vauclair chaired the federation to 1983. Currently, 4 former WFMT chairman are alive
The German Jacob Kraus chaired the federation from 1983 to July 1993
The Swiss Fritz Muller led the federation from August 1993 to July 1999
The Korean Soon Shin, Lee led the federation from July 1999 to August 2002 and the Italian Mario Napolitano has represented from the August 2002
The Korean Soon Shin, Lee led the federation from July 1999 to August 2002 and the Italian Mario Napolitano has represented from the August 2002
In Treviso, during the 30st congress, Mario Napolitano was elected as the new President and Sebastiano Di Rienzo as general secretary
The 31th congress takes place in Berlin
Napolitano was reconfirmed during the 32th Taiwan congress
The 33th congress took place in Salzburg (Austria)
The 34th took place in Rome (Italy) in August. Napolitano ends his term and Mr. Kim, Young-Earn of South Korea is elected
The 35th congress took place in Seoul Korea
The 36th in Finland in 2015 Mr. Il Kim, Yong-Earn, ends his mandate and is succeeded by Mr. Ho, Lian-Hung, from Taiwan, and Mr. Chen Chih-Feng as general secretary.
The 37th in Taipei, Taiwan
The 38th in Verona, Italy, Mr. Ho is reconfirmed and Mr. Chen Chih-Feng continues as general secretary.
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Throughout its history, WFMT has touched some of the most beautiful cities in the world, which for the occasion have become a crossroads of fashion and culture, providing a magnificent scenographic background to the catwalks from which it was possible to admire highly tailored creations, unique creations, made by master tailors from various countries, each with their own cultural background, united in their diversity by one of the oldest crafts in the world.
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