World Federation of Master Tailors
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WFMT Committee

World Federation of Master Tailors Board

  • Liang-Hung Ho (Taiwan)

  • Mario Napolitano (Italy)

  • Young-Earn Kim (Korea)

  • Sam-Pyo Chang (Korea)

  • Kirsi Aho (Finland)

  • Gaetano Aloisio (Italy)

  • Chih-Feng Chen (Taiwan)

  • Takeshi Asaka (Japan)

  • Daniel Robu (Romania)

  • Prakash Parmar (United Arab Emirates)

  • José Luis Torres Miranda (Ecuador)

  • Kollavat Kongruangkji (Thailand)

  • Stefan Wermter (Germany)

  • Camilla Karlsson (Sweden)

  • Wee Boon Chon (Malaysia)

  • Andrew M Ramroop (United Kingdom)

  • Erika Ortkemper (Germany)

  • Annamarie Mölzer (Austria)

  • Kim Sung-Dong (Korea)

  • Sebastiano Di Rienzo (Italy)

  • Chang Hsiang-Fa (Taiwan)

  • Liang-Hung Ho (Taiwan)

  • Kim Yongearn (Korea)

  • Mario Napolitano (Italy)

  • Lee, Soon-Shin (Korea)

  • Franz Mùller (Switzerland)

  • Bacon Kraus (Germany)

  • Paul Vauclair (France)

  • Mr. Bardet (France)

  • Mr. Jacques Frickx (Belgium) Founder and First President

  • Chang Ya lan (Taiwan)

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