World Federation of Master Tailors
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39th WFMT International Congress Registration

Biella (Italy), July 31 – August 5, 2023

World Federation of Master Tailors

The excellency of tailoring in one place. The World Federation of Master Tailors (WFMT) is an international non-profit organisation of which goal is to promote and help the master tailors.

28 Countries
From Europe, to Asia and Americas, the WFMT is the largest professional’s organisation of the tailoring industry.
Awards and Certifications
International recognition of quality, certified by the best of the bespoke craftsmanship
Strategic information
With contacts all over the world, WFMT offers to its members the best instruments to grow

The Federation every master tailor needs

Mission and duties of the Federation.

Represent and support tailors in the areas that concern them
Encourage and sustain relationships between members
Share information through the specific communication channels

Requirements for admission

The following are eligible for acceptance as members of the WFMT:
Tailor Association, all over the world
owners of a tailor workshop
establishments, firms and organizations connected to tailoring


Federation of Master Tailors established in Brussel in 1965 and organized its executive committee 1907 in Belgium
38 world congresses organized in just over a century
Next congress in Italy, in 2023

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The World Congress of Master Tailors

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